As you may have seen we have started to build the new profile page, so at the beginning of 2023, you will not be able to reach the old page anymore. The following text explains the difference and how you can think when updating a profile and a CV. All your information from the old profile will be found in the new profile.

Same functionality, just a new appearance

New profile page

Before you had a button for the profile in the menu but now the new profile page will be found under Home. Under Home, you will see a tab called Profile.

Blocks that are included in the profile:

  • Presentation

  • Work Experience

  • Skills

  • Other Skills

  • References

  • Languages

  • Commitments & Publications

  • Courses and Certifications

  • Employers

  • Education

How to edit in the new Profile

Open the field that you want to edit and change what should be changed by typing in the new information. The pen in the right corner will indicate that some changes have been done.

If you can not see the save buttons, it is due to that no changes have been done yet.

Profile Translations

Instead of having a primary language, you can now add information to all your profiles regardless of which language.

To switch languages click on the preferred language under Translations. You can also add a new language by clicking on +, right next to Translations.

If you switch to a language where you have not added a translation, you will see the warning shown below. The content needs to be translated into the chosen profile language.

When translating a skill in the profile you can use synonyms to find a translation.πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

How to edit your CV

The appearance will also be changed when editing your CV. It will be the same function but with a new appearance. The new user interface has been developed to make it easier for you when editing your CV.

Profile vs CV

The profile works as a basis for your information in Cinode, it is the "master data" for your account. However, information can also be added and edited from the CV. The reason for that is that the CVs can be differentiated depending on projects but the base data will still be found in the profile.

When creating a completely new CV, the information from the profile will be added to the new CV. Then you can specify the CV to suit the assignment you apply for and also choose what information in the CV should be visible or not by toggling on and off.

When adding or editing information in the profile or in the CV you can click 'Save' to save the changes only to the current CV. If you want to save the changes to several CVs at the same time, click 'Save to'. 'Save to', gives you the opportunity to choose which CV to save to and it will also be automatically saved to the profile.

A notice when information differs between the Profile and CVs.

If you may have done changes to the profile without saving it to the CV you will see a notice in your CV. If they in fact should differ, you can ignore the notice, or if you want to change the CV to the same information as in the profile click and use the "compare view" to see the difference. Use the arrow to copy all information from the profile to the CV or copy and paste.

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