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Release Version 9.15
Release Version 9.15
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  • Start Deliver -> Track usage when using the skills widget

  • Home Tab -> Home in the sidebar is now a tabbed menu such as other navigation options. Contains options the same as Organisation but not Overview and Events. Available options are user-role-based. Take it for a spin!

  • Resumes -> Number of days and last used date for a skill used in a work experience will be added to skills in new resumes.


  • Project Utilization Forecast -> Fixed crash when the "All teams" filter is unchecked

  • Resumes -> Updates Highlighted Work Experiences dates when editing the Work Experience

  • Employees -> A partner manager (but company manager) is now allowed to book & decline responses but not able to edit requests

  • Restricted Users -> Can now add widgets to their home screen

  • Autocomplete -> Responsive improvements for showing skills with levels

  • Candidates list -> Pipe filter throwing errors

  • Candidates details -> Cases where it sometimes throws errors

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