Shortcut in Cinode
We show how you can add a new event, customer, customer contact, project, with just one click. Use shortcuts and favorite mark your page.
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Streamline your workday ⏩️


Do you want to add for example a new employee or event in Cinode with just one click away?

In Cinode you find a shortcut in the upper right corner with the purpose to add:

  • Event

  • Customer

  • Customer Contact

  • Project

  • Candidate

  • Partner

  • Subcontractor

  • Employee

Favorite mark pages

Do you have any preferred pages in Cinode that you frequently work on and would like to access quickly? Save those pages so that you can easily retrieve them later. When you wish to access a page, simply click on the start button and choose the page.

To save a page, simply click on the star icon while you're on the desired page and click on "Add to favorites".

Delete saved pages by clicking on the trash icon 🗑️

Save filters - only for you or shared

Click on filter and choose save as choose name and click. Then you will later find yours or your organisations saved filter in the list.

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