We will give you some recommendations on how you can think when adding skills to your Growth Plan.

You can have the same thoughts as when you add skills for a project in your resume, think very broadly and in different categories such as;

  • Role, skills you had in your project? ( example Project Manager)

  • Methods and processes, skills that you have worked with? (example Project management - Note that project management and project manager are different skills and not synonyms, so you will need to add them both.

  • Techniques, which techniques did you work with?, (Example Javascript )

  • Platforms, what platforms did you use?, (Example Microsoft SQL Server )

  • Industry, in which industries did you work, (Example Software industry )

To find inspiration, you can go to Reports > Competencies and filter on categories you are able to view different categories that are used in Cinode.

If we go back to the question of how many skills or what skills to add to the Growth plan the answer is;

You can add as many skills in your growth plan that you think are suitable and reachable. If you are talking about an ongoing/upcoming project in a Growth plan you can think of the categories you are using such as, what role are you working with (for example Java developer), what kind of technology are you working with (for example Java) etc.

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