With the Skill sets report, you can analyze the internal skill supply and get a clear overview of the skill levels of your employees and subcontractors.

With this data, check that you have the right combination of skills based on your assignments, customers, and needs. Further, you can make the right strategic decisions regarding competence-enhancing and recruitment initiatives.

To use the skills set, the administrator needs to create a matrix in Cinode and define different "skill sets" based on different categories and specify which skills belong to each skill set.

Watch how the Skill sets report works:

Once you have built your skills set, you get a filterable report with information about your skills supply and how it is streamlined with your defined sets. This report can be accessed and viewed, but only administrators can change the structure of the skill set and define which skills words belong to the skillsets.

You will find the report under Reports -> Competencies and the "Skill sets" tab.

Use the filters to find the specific Skillsets in the view, in the example "Roles".

Total(the number at the bottom of the report): Add the total number of Project Managers, and you will get the total.

Average(the number at the bottom of the report) - If you add the total amount of Project Managers and divide them by the total number of employees.

Ex. Fredrik Nygren has level 5 on Project Manager and level 4 on Business Developer. Add 5+4 and divide by 2(the two skills in this skillset), and you will get an average.

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