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Release Version 9.13
Release Version 9.13
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  • New Resume UI editing > Skills block > Possibility to add multiple skills at once, without the need to save between each add.

  • New Resume UI editing > Skills block > If Skill sets are used, it is possible to reach the selected skills and add skills directly from those skill sets in the Skills block when using the New resume interface. A new button is available for this.

  • New Resume UI editing > "Remember my choice" possibilities when using Save to are removed so that Save To modal is always prompted.

  • New Resume UI editing > No resumes are selected by default in the Save to modal; the user needs to make an active choice.

  • Growth Plan > Possibility to edit the skill level directly from the growth plan. No need to go to the profile to do it.


  • Project list, Årpject Pipe, project Delivery functions, Customer list, Candidate list, and Candidate pipe > The query filter supports finding entities by their cinode id. Applicable when Cinode is your central system.

  • Roles > Pinning users is reworked. Previously you could only pin users on the role matching page. You can now pin users of interest to roles from different places in the app (where you find the role and a dropdown). The pinned users can be seen on the role page to make it easier to find the best person. Pinning is a kind of soft booking and won't affect the reports. Subcontractors and employees are possible to pin.

  • Projects > List and Pipe > Added a new filter, "Project Responsibles."

  • Project pipe > New design for the cards. Added role booking indicators to the cards. A new probability icon is introduced (dice).

  • Project tooltip > Added the project tags, if any, into the tooltip.


  • Network > When inviting a partner via email, it is possible to select the language of the invitation email. Previously it was always in English.


  • Administration > Absence has been reworked to new technology/UI. No functional changes.


  • API > When adding team members, the TeamMemberAddModel has gained a new property, AvailabilityPercent. It defaults to 100.

  • API > The ProjectBaseModel gained two new properties, Identifier and CustomerIdentifier

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