* Pipeline views > The cards per stage can now be sorted by 12 different criteria.

The menu is available per stage header, your sort choice is remembered per device.

* Report > Competences > Skill history > A new tab has been added to the skill detail pages, per skill, where the history of the skill progression can be viewed. It's a sibling to the skill forecast, but focused on the past instead. It has all the features of the forecast view with the added ability to drill down into each user's progression, and simply expand the corresponding user to see their personal graphs.

* Webhooks > A new entity type has been added, Absence, which triggers when Absence is added/edited/removed by your users.

* Planner > Forecast > The preliminary bars have gained the booking status as a, very small, text under the role name. All bars have gained an information icon to the left, which allows you to hover it and see role details without leaving the forecast view.

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