When creating your first resume in Cinode you have two options, either you can import a resume with CV import or create it manually.

How to upload resume with CV import:

The “CV-import” in Cinode will let you create a resume in seconds regardless if it's an employee, candidate, or subcontractor. This function means that you can easily upload a resume into Cinode and start working with the data straight away. When the information is uploaded you can choose what parts to display for the specific roll while the rest remains in the master resume available at any time.

NOTE: You can only use this CV Import function if the resume in Cinode is empty or if only the skills block is filled in from before.

Look at this video to see how to import a resume into Cinode:

Things to have in mind to successfully upload a resume:

  • Avoid a summary side column - the CV import algorithm tends to merge the text in two columns into one line.

How to manually create a resume:

We will guide you on how to create your first resume in Cinode manually and what information you can have in your resume. We give you all the tips and tricks you will need.

Make a good first impression - Cover page

When creating a resume the first page is important to directly show your customer that you are the perfect match for their needs. Creating a selling cover page is a great way of making your customer immediately aware of your potential and will increase the chances of them continuing to read your resume.

After creating your first resume, Cinode have great functions to adjust a CV for certain roles/customers.

With the Cinode CV editor you are able to:

  • Add data directly into the Resume without going through a Profile

  • Update all or selected CV's affected by you adding information

  • See the result directly in the preview

  • Dynamic UI to show only the CV blocks your organization has selected in your templates

Choose where to add changes

The first time you add data into your resume, a work experience for example,

it will automatically be saved to your profile when clicking "Save". However, next time you modify you can choose if you only want to save the changes to the resume you edit (save) or if you want to save the changes to several resumes (save to).

When you click "Save to" it will automatically save changes to your profile and you can also choose witch resumes of yours to add changes to.

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