In the Skills forecast, you are able to view Skills and Skillsets goals based on the levels you have in your company today. The Skills forecast reports give you insight into the future skill capital in your company based on the fulfillment of your employee's growth plan. The information gives you the possibility to plan for the extended need of reskilling, upskilling, and recruitments based on those plans.

This forecast will give you an overview of how the Skills are managed over time based on the goals you have set in the company and on an individual employee.

Go to Competences and the tab Skills forecast to view the forecast.

You are able to use the filters to filter on a target date, skills, team, or/and tags in your organization.

Easy view the average level of today's skills of all users to the left and the average level skills of users of the target date to the right.

Click on a skill within the report for a detailed insight into the progress of a specific skill. Note that only users with Manager-permission within your company are able to see this information.

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