* Administration > Integrations > User Provisioning > From now on, by default, all new provisioned users will start out without any access roles. They used to get Company User access by default. Existing company integrations remain untouched. Companies can now change this themselves and select what roles their users should get, on the provisioning page.


* Reports > Projects/Candidates > Funnel report > If the candidate/project only changed status to won/lost, they'll be shown in the list under the graphical parts. Previously they had to also change stage to be included there. They will also show up if they've, since then, been moved to another pipeline, but used to belong to the pipeline of the report, during the time span of the report.

* Customers > Customer detail tab > Editing the customer will now properly reflect the changes in the details tab after saving.

Projects -> List: If probability is missing on the project the probability from the current stage is presented instead.

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