* Administration > Process > Reminders is a new tab where you can configure automatic email reminders to be sent out to your employees when various things happen, or more likely when they don't happen. The first two reminders that can be set up are "Remind employees to update their profiles'' and "Remind sales responsibles about open projects that should have been closed or won already according to the estimated close date." Each setting has a time property you can adjust, some sanity checks apply so you won't receive reminders about really out-of-date projects and similar stuff.

* The next time you change your password or create a new user, the minimum length of the password you're allowed to pick is 8 characters.



* External API has seen some minor documentation updates where the docs did not match up with reality.

* You can now create events on employees who are unavailable for matching (missing role CompanyUser). Previously they did not show up in the dropdown.

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