* Projects > Roles > When announcing roles, you can now indicate if the role is an "End customer assignment" or not. This information is then available in almost all places the request can be seen, including Market and CPN.

* Events > All event description texts and event notes/comments are now enabled for mentions. You'll see a reminder in the UI in all the places where you can mention something. Start a word with the "@" character to begin searching for a person or a project that you want to mention. Mentioned employees will receive an email about the event, unless they've opted out from those emails under My Account > Notifications.


* Users > Profile tab > cares about your small screen size and adapts a bit better.

* Reports > Skills > The synonym skill cloud has regained its background color per skill.

* Role > Announce > Using images with long descriptions won't push content outside the announce preview modal anymore.

* Projects > The sales responsibles column displays avatar image per responsible, if available, now.

* Events > List > Having invited guests on the event while having some notes/comments will no longer make it look like you have more notes/comments than what you really have in the list row.

* Announcements > Skill requirements tooltip more clearly indicates if skill is optional/mandatory in text form.

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