* Events > Viewing comments and notes on events have had a slight facelift to celebrate 2022, the year of collaboration.


logged in as long as your browser is not closed, best case. Personal browser settings beyond our control can still interfere with this.

* Dragging cards in pipeline views starts instantly when using a mouse to drag, dragging with touch interactions (your fingers or your nose) requires you to hold down the card for .1 second before you drag it, this allows you to scroll around the pipe without dragging cards around by mistake.

* In the pipeline views you can now drag cards from the far right columns down into the "Mark as Won/Lost area", no matter your screen size.

* The customer revenue field is no longer capped at a measly 2,4 billion, you can now enter revenue numbers up to 9,223,372,036,854,775,807.

Yes, that's 9 quintillion

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