* Favorites > The top header now offers a little star icon, where you can view your current favorites, and add the current page as a favorite. It's like browser bookmarks, but for your Cinode account instead.

* Projects > Roles > Announce > In the announced role model, we've increased visibility of the fact that you've not yet added any skill requirements to the role. We've also added the ability to add skill requirements directly in the announce modal.

* Growth Plan module will be enabled when new companies are created from now on.

* Goodbye Father Christmas


* Many of the event lists have had their column widths reprioritized, to allow more space for the name of the event, and less space for the icons and status columns.

* When opening event modals, really long entity names will no longer overflow outside the modals.

* When using the launcher to navigate to specific entity sub-pages, the word "Current" is shown in the launcher link to indicate the entity name, e.g. "> Go to Projects > Current > Attachment & links"

* The "show overdue" events button in the events list no longer flickers on and off during user interactions

* When using the feature to send emails with tips of roles you think the receiver might be interested in, a standard unsubscribe link will be included in the email footer in case the receiver happens to be a known Cinode user.

* Sometimes you just want to handle your Azure AD tokens in peace, and now you can do so without being disturbed by a misaligned expiration date icon.

* All code related to HelpHero is now removed, bye bye.

* Dropdowns with really long texts as options will no longer have the texts abruptly cut, the dropdown will grow in width instead, if it can.

* In a few select places where you could previously click anywhere on the row to expand it (besides the expand icon), only the expand icon animated, now the row actually gets expanded as well.

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