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Add a growth plan. Here you can showcase your ambitions, set and track your goals.
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Where do you see yourself in the next one to two years? What are your goals and ambitions?

With Cinode Growth Plan, you can showcase your ambitions, set and track your goals. This information can later be used as a basis for eg. your self-development plan and/or one-on-one discussions with your manager/team leader.

You can create one or more growth plans, for example, one growth plan for goals related to your current role and a separate one for goals related to your personal development.

Click on your growth plan to view the different blocks and the details.

To create your growth plan follow the steps;

1. Go to your profile

2. Click on the tab 'Growth plans'

3. Click on the green button 'Add growth plan' if it is your first Growth plan otherwise click on +.

4. Fill in the details:

  • Select a title

  • End date

  • Accessible to (optional) - add one or several persons that you want to give access to for making sure that the goal is completed.

The only people that can view and edit these plans are yourself and the persons that you have given access.

5. Click on 'Add a skill goal' or 'Add from skill set' to further specify the skills that you want to attain.

If you choose 'add from skill set' you can add skill goals by choosing skills from your company's defined skill sets or you can set a goal for a new skill or for any of your existing skills by pressing 'add a skill goal.

5.1 Select a skill that you want to improve or attain. For example 'Project Manager'. (Once you've added a skill/set of skills you will see your current level listed in the growth plan)

5.2 Set an end date.

5.3 Select a target level

5.4 Optional: Add a note

6. Once you've added a skill, you can add more by clicking on the green button next to 'Skill goals' +. In your growth plan overview, you will be able to edit/remove skill goals.

  • Click on the three dots on the top right (next to the skills) to edit or remove a skill goal.

Do you want to add a goal that is not related to a particular skill?

7. Add 'Other goals" by clicking on 'Add a goal'. Other goals can, for example, be goals related to your self-development.

7.1 Add a title (for example Mentorship course), goal date, status, and a note - click 'add'

'Other goals' will appear in your growth plan as a to-do list. Each goal status can be upgraded as you go; 'In progress' or 'Done'.

8. Lastly, add a note to your growth plan. Here you can specify your strategy moving forward when you plan on completing the actions specified in your growth plan.

If you've given access to a colleague/manager/team manager, you can specify who's responsible for what, and what kind of support you need in order to reach your goals.

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