By using tag types you can segment your tags based on types to narrow down your searches in customers, projects, contacts, subcontractors and employees.

Tag types can include Industries, Company Size and Priority - you decide and you can set up any tag types that you’d like.

By creating and connecting types to your tags you will be able to find for example customers or projects that belong to the same area more easily.

You could for example create a type called "Industries" and then connect tags that is some kind of industries like for example Banking and finance, Advertising, art and media and medical.

When using the tags filter later in your customer list you can filter on the type "Industries" to find all company with an industry tag.

To manage types follow the steps.

1. Go to Administration - > Process in the sidebar

2. Click on the tab Tags

3. Click on the tab Types

4. Click on the plus sign

5. Fill in the name of the type you wish to create and click Add.

6. Go back to the tab Tags to connect all your tags to a specific tag.

7. Click "select type" next to the tag.

8. You will now find all your created types and can select with type to connect to the tag.

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