* Projects > List > Your personal column visibility and order setup can now be restored to Cinode defaults with a button click.

* Search All > In case your search is too general, resulting in a lot of hits, the results in each category are now paged and limited to 10 items per page. This allows results to show faster, so you can refine your search.

* Planner > Forecast > A new forecast for all employees is available as a second tab. It comes with a battery of filters (some hidden by default), including a skills filter. See your employee's forecast based on skills for example.

* Network > Sent Requests > Two new columns are added, showing Status and Contact person, they come together with two new filters, the Status and Contact filter.

* Administration > Process > Tags page is now paginated to support large amounts of tags. It has a new filter added, query filter, so you can search for tags by name (or tag type name).

* Add tag to X modal has received an updated design of the tag listing as you search, to highlight if a tag belongs to a tag type or not. You can also search for tag types and find all tags belonging to that type.

* Administration > Network > Cinode Market Banners > Each banner is clickable and has a corresponding detail page under it. Each banner will show a warning indicator if it is not optimized for sharing on social media yet. Clicking it allows you to remedy this problem.

* Projects > Role > Announce > The announce request modal will now warn and guide you if your selected banner is not visually optimized for sharing the request to social media.

* Projects > Role > Announce > When publishing a request to Cinode Market, and later sharing that page on social media, we will now use an image optimized for that purpose (our chosen size works best for LinkedIn), if you've configured such an image

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