* Administration > Network > Cinode Market Banners > Allows you to see and manage your custom ad banners for Cinode Market

* Projects > Role > Announce > You can optionally select your own banner image for the Cinode Market page, you're also given a preview of what it will look like

* Administration > Users > Images > Updated design for listing images, this design will spread to more image list places.

* All detail pages > All the header sections have been reworked to prevent content in them from overflowing and covering other content, no matter the browser window size.

* New Company signups > A custom google tag manager event fires on successful registrations

Cinode Market:

* Newly published pages will be themed a lot whiter (than our Cinode branded colors), with a new top navigation header. This is to support the wide variety of designs of possible customer chosen banners.

* Any custom chosen banner is the image picked up when sharing in social media

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