* External API > When getting skills for a user, the new field NumberOfDaysWorkExperience is included in the response.

* App > Reports > Competences > Skills > A new column showing the average work experience per skill row is added.

* App > Reports > Competences > Skills > One specific skill > A new column showing the work experience per person row is added.


* App > Administration > Users > Unchecking all the access roles for a user behaves as giving the user only the restricted role.

* App > Customers > Working with only customers without even having the Assignments module is possible

* App > Profile > Deleting skills from a work experience, or deleting the whole work experience itself, will properly recalculate the experience length for said skill

* App > Tags > Tags are not only addable, but removable as well in the edit tags modal per entity

* App > Sharing requests via email will work no matter what icons you clicked to open the share modal

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