* App > Network > Requests that are published to Cinode Market or Cinode Partner Network can now be shared via email, along with your personal message. Maybe you know someone who'd fit the role description? The share via email button is found in multiple places, both in list dropdowns, detail pages and when hovering blue cloud icons.

* App > Network > Requests that are published to Cinode Market have had a "Share..." button added to their dropdown menu in the list views, and a "Share" widget added to their detail pages.

* App > A new email might be sent out to you if someone shares a request to you by email. The email will contain a personal message and some info about the request and a link to get all the details. As a registered user of cinode you can opt out from these emails under My Account > Notifications

* SiteAdmin > A new tracking type (Registration source) has been added for new company signups. In case the signup originated from a "Request shared via email" you'll know it.

* App > Customers > Add/Edit of customers have 4 new fields available. Country, Turnover, Turnover currency, Number of employees. The fields and their valuys are viewable on the Customer page, Details tab

* App > Customers > 3 new filters are available, they are hidden by default but can be enabled under the filter manager icon. Country, Size (number of employees) and Turnover.

* App > For Apple and Android users we've updated the icon used when adding Cinode to their home screens/bookmarks. It uses the new design language.


* App > Resumes > Editing the presentation text/title allows you to save after you've corrected any validations errors on your first attempt.

* App > Data > A number of exports that previously contained some Swedish translations, now have those texts in english instead (the language setting of the current user does not matter)

* App > More details have been added when automatic Startdeliver integrations fails for certain users, they will need manual touchups.

* App > Add project modal > Certain UI misalignments have been fixed, they would previously occur when only one of several input fields in the same row had a tooltip

* App > Attempting to download attachments that no longer exists will now send you to a 404 page, instead of crashing.

* App > Planner > Sorting by the Team/Name column will now also sort the individual roles by their name, under each user. Absence rows will come last.

* App > Profile > Editing existing block items in the primary profile language will no longer add the item to any secondary profile language.

* App > Recruitment > Candidate page UI elements now properly transition into their new states after creating a profile for the candidate.

* External API > Passing an invalid customer contact id during event creation will now be properly validated instead of crashing.

* SiteAdmin > Cinode Administrators can delete other Cinode Administrators.

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