The Cinode REST API (Application Programming Interface) allows you to connect Cinode with teamtailor.

To connect Cinode with Teamtailor you need to create an API account (AccessId and AccessSecret).

To create and Api account follow the steps below to ;

1. Start by logging into your Cinode account and expand the dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the app by clicking your name:

2. Select "My account"

3. Click on the green plus sign next to "Api accounts"

4. Click on "Cinode API Terms Of Service" and make sure you have understood the terms.

5. Type a name for your Api account, for example Teamtailor and click "Save"

6. Copy this information before you click "Okey I got it". Here you have the Access id, Access secret and the company ID.

7. Send the name of your company, the Access id and Access secret to Teamtailor and they will help you further.

You can send it to or go to there webbsite and chat them the information.

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