App > "The launcher" > A new icon, a lightning bolt, is available in the top-right header, clicking it (or pressing Ctrl/cmd + k) opens the launcher where you can navigate to pages via keyboard or add new things to Cinode.

* App > "Quick add" > A new icon, a stacked plus sign, is available in the top-right header, clicking opens a quick add dropdown menu where you can add events, customers, contacts, projects, candidates, partners, subcontractors, or employees.

* App > Projects > Delete project modal now requires you to input the name of the project before we allow you to proceed, to prevent mishaps.

* App > Administration > Integrations > Tokens > The page now properly separates API module vs UserProvisioning module in terms of what you see during add token.

* App > User provisioning integration via AAD can both activate and deactivate employees


* App > Spotlight search uses the same textual treatment as big search, (you'll get the same Person matches in the spotlight as in big search). Searching for double names like Klas-Anders will now give hits in the spotlight.

* App > Profile > Fresh users that add skills can now properly mark them as favorites immediately.

* App > Filters that are affected by the "Restricted views" access feature will now properly disable teams for selection if you don't have access to them.

* App > Calendar sync > Connecting the same event from your external calendars to Cinode several times can no longer be done by mistake

* App > During add/edit of tags per entity, the tag search will no longer suggest tags that you've already added.

* App > Team filter > After opening the filter it will properly show the teams matching your query in the filter if you've typed it before the teams loaded.

* App > Improved support for gracefully handling two different problems that occur for users that reuse old browser tabs (older than the previous release), they should now smoothly transition to our latest released version instead of getting an error.

* App > Multiple users selection modal > Checkbox is now easily clickable as the whole row is clickable

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