App > Network > Subcontractors > Groups > When deleting a group, you'll be informed about how many booked roles will be affected since they have the group assigned in a booking.

* App > Recruit > Pipes > Dragging a candidate to lost/won at the bottom of the screen won't make the card disappear unless the status filter no longer matches

* App > Status reasons have been added as a feature under the tab "Administration"

Process > Status reasons, companies can set up reasons for a project/candidate being in a certain state. When the entities somehow move into those new states, users will be prompted for the reason, if any exist.

* App > When unassigning an image from a person, if that person was using the image as their primary image, we'll remove that as well.

* App > Administration > Integrations > Tokens > A warning icon will become visible next to each token that is about to expire or has expired already, to highlight this fact.

* App > Expanding rows in a list, where the expanded content is yet another list, will now display the content as a list if there's enough space on screen, not the version of the mobile card always

* App > Automatic focusing should be improved when working with data input around the app.

* App > Reports > Project > Funnel > Added support for filtering on multiple sales responsibles at once.

* App > Events > Commenting should properly update the comment icon on the corresponding event rows.

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