With the Skillsets report, you can analyze the internal skill supply and get a clear overview of the skill levels of your employees and subcontractors.

With this data, check that you have the right combination of skills based on your assignments, customers, and needs. Further, you can make the right strategic decisions regarding competence-enhancing and recruitment initiatives.

To use the skills set, the administrator needs to create a matrix in Cinode and define different "skillsets" based on different categories and specify which skills belong to each skill set.

Watch the video to learn more about how to create skill sets.

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Once you have built your skills set, you get a filterable report with information about your skills supply and how well it is streamlined with your defined sets. This report can be accessed and viewed, but only administrators can change the structure of the skill set and define which skills words belong to the skillsets.

To create a Skill set follow these steps:

1. Go to Administration -> Process in the menu

2. Click the tab Skillsets

3. Click the plus sign next to "Add a new skill set"

4. Start by typing a Business Area, for example, Business Growth

5. Click on the plus button next to "Add a new skill set under Business Growth to start adding a category.

6. Select a category and click "Add" (If you do not want to have categories to your Skill set, you can just add skills above in the skills field.)

7. Type the skills for your category and click the plus sign again to add a new category

8. Type a new category and the skills for the category, and click the plus sign again.

You can then add as many categories and as many skills as you wish.

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