When you create a resume, you need to notice different warning signals that appears while editing in resume.

Among other things, it could be that you have too much text, line breaks or bullet lists. On the first page, you must fit your presentation and your highlighted assignments.


1. In your presentation - Note your line breaks, long bullets lists or long text. (see warning texts in the preview at the bottom of the first page)

2. Observe the number of characters in the highlighted assignments. (See warnings signals - a red triangle.)

3. Select and drag and drop your highlighted assignments to the "box".

Scenario number 1 and 2,

Why do a have a blank page? My page number two is blank when exporting?


If the presentation and the highlighted project do not fit (text is overflowing) into the first page of your resume you will get a blank page when exporting your resume.

You will see the warning text while editing in your resume.

In the presentation -Maybe you have the right number of characters but the line breaks will take a lot of space of the first page.

In the highlighted projects - you will see warning signals

This means that you have too many characters for the highlighted projects and need to minimize the text.

Do not worry, you will present the whole assignment in page number 2.

What can I do now?

1.Go to resumes in the menu

2.Click the three dots of your resume

3.Click edit content

4. Click to edit the presentation.

5. Move together as much text as possible and click "Save"

6. Scroll down to highlighted projects and click the "pen" icon to edit.

7. Minimize the text and click "Save"

Well done!

Result = No more line breaks and ready for exports.

Scenario numer 3

Where in my projects in the preview at my first page of the resume?


You forgot to drag and drop your highlighted assignments.

Scroll down to the field highlighted assignments to start selecting your assignments.

1. Drag and drop two assignments to the "Box"

2. Click the "pen" icon to edit and shorten the text (if you see the warnings signal)

3. Click "Save"

Result = First page looks good.

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