Skills is the heart and soul of Cinode and where most users start out.

We know that people possess a varied skill set, but often it's difficult to communicate this experience, get qualitative search on skills and a transparency within organisations.

With Cinode Skills each individual can map her/his skills and experiences and this data is in turn shared throughout your entire organisation, increasing your chances of getting interesting assignments, using your skill set as the foundation for professional development in focus areas and for your colleagues to get to know you better.

How do I start?

In order to start your journey in Cinode, you will first need to document what you know. Each user of Skills have a skills account called a Profile. The Profile is only visible internally in your organisation and can only be edited by you or your manager(s).

1. Upload your photo: Your photo will be displayed in-app so your colleagues can recognise you. It will also be used for your resumes.

2. Profile: The first step is to build your Cinode profile by entering your skills, previous and ongoing assignments, education and so on. Pay special attention to all sections marked as "Skills" as skills are keyword that make you searchable for your organisation's sales reps and manager when they are lookning for interesting assignments that match your skill set.

3. Dream Assignment (currently only available for employees): There is a difference between can do and what we really want to do. Show your peers and managers what your dream assignment is - it might be closer than you think!

4. Create your first resume: Your resume is like your business card - your most relevant information, professionally designed and packaged. Cinode allow you to create multiple resumes based of your Cinode profile. Since each one of your customers most likely have different expectations, requirements and need for information, you can tailor each resume to suit each individual recipient. Remember, the more relevant a resume is for a specific recipient, the higher your chances are of getting that assignment.

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