In 'My account' you are able to select/turn off which events in Cinode you would like to receive/not receive e-mail notifications about. You can change your preferences at any time.

You can turn off notifications from:

โœ… Partners

โœ… Shared requests

โœ…The Cinode partner Network.

You are also able to choose how often you want to receive emails for announced roles to the Cinode Partner Network. You can choose between three different interval settings, either instantly as they are announced or as a daily- or weekly summary.

When you are the contact person in the Cinode Partner Network, you will automatically receive email notifications regarding invites and role requests from the Partner Network. If you want to turn them off go to 'My account'.

To stop getting notifications - Go to 'My Account'.

  1. Click on your name at the top right

2. Click 'My account'

3. Click the tab 'Notifications'

4. Select/remove the notifications you do not wish to receive/not receive.

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