You can view a report and also export the language skills of your employees and subcontractor in your company.

Go to Reports > Competences in the menu and the tab Languages

In the language report you can use the filter function to;

  • Search for a specific language in your organisation

  • Filter on resources like employees and/or subcontractors

  • Filter on a specific team in your organisation

In this example, I have filtered on Employees in the organisation and can view all language skills and how many employees speaks the languages.

For example - in French we have 4 employees, click to view these employees

In this view, I will see all employees that have the language skill French and also able to view the level of the skills.

In this case, 2 employees have the level of Full professional proficiency and the other 2 the level of Elementary proficiency. Click on an employee's name to view her/his overview page.

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