Are you interested in how to power your network and expose your business to partners and sub consultants? Cinode Partner is just the right place for you and your business to storefront your best qualities.

- invite the companies you would like to connect with that is in Cinode partner networks, be able via the tag cloud search find just the right match for your business.

- Add and invite companies to register themself to Cinode -of course this for free

- Trouble finding a matching consultant - Announce role requests to your partners

- Create trust with your partner companies to view the role response in the role match

- Work with your network outside of Cinode - We know our network is amazing but don't forget to pick up the phone =)

And so much more- Let's get you started in a few easy steps

Let start off by helping you to promote your own company in partner network: follow this link:

(By promoting your own company, other companies in the Cinode partner Network will get a better idea of what you do, your areas of expertise, and the mutual benefits that collaboration between your two companies would mean)

  1. Invite a partner, once they accept you will be able to send and receive assignment requests from your new partner.

2. Set up your distribution list, in this list you can add companies to a Distribution group to enable sending assignment requests to a selected group of Partners.

3. Search and connect with a partner from our partner list

4.Add subcontractors- by doing this you will be able to find and match subcontractors to roles, planner and much more.

5.Create trust - You can grant your partner companies access to your employees.

More on trusted partners follow this link:

After the initial set up you will be able to announce roles, create public announcements to social media channels, respond to announcements, and much more.

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