We got your business CRM needs covered! in Cinode Business module you will be able to

  • Create your customer list

  • Work with events on your customers

  • Create a Project directly from the specific customer your working with

  • Add new roles and all the attributes to find the right employee's subcontractor candidate or partners

  • See availability and skill set for the specific role

  • be able to preliminary book or definite book your match for the role

  • Make an announcement for a role to attract the right candidate within or outside of your organization

  • get a great overview of your funnel and pipes

  • work in the Cinodes own heat map for the best view of your teams and colleges ongoing projects

And so much more!

Let's start with the basic and most vital part of any business and let us guide you to a new way of working- with Cinode!

Five steps for you to get started

1.Firstly - Create a pipe

More on how to do this click here: https://support.cinode.com/en/articles/4764438-create-a-project-pipeline

2. Add your customer

A little bit goes a long way- for more information on how to add your customer follow this link: https://support.cinode.com/en/articles/3994538-how-do-i-add-a-new-customer-and-what-information-can-be-registered

3. Add your projects to the project list

For more on how to do this click here: https://support.cinode.com/en/articles/3994543-how-do-i-create-a-new-project

4, Create roles for projects and assign you, consultants

Don't forget the important information about your role and the scope, more on how to fill in your role card here: https://support.cinode.com/en/articles/3994549-create-add-a-new-role

5. Add a role to the project and make sure to win this deal

more about adding roles, matching, and using Cinodes fantastic marketplace to creating public announcements here : https://support.cinode.com/en/articles/3994556-how-do-i-work-with-skills-matching-for-a-role

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