* Skills > Toggling a resume public on/off will no longer update the "last updated" timestamp on the resume.
* Skills > Updating skills in a user Profile will no longer update the "last updated" timestamp on the user resumes which has said skill.
* Skills > The 2020 strike of the top skills block has come to an end, it is once again compliant and will accept you sorting it.
* Network > Emails being sent out when announcing roles contain more information directly in the email now, description, skills, location, compensation and extent has been added.
* Skills > When viewing public resumes, the control panel that offers export to word/excel buttons is only available if you are logged in and viewing resumes in your own company.
* Projects > All project notifcation texts that goes out, via email, now contains the name of the customer aswell as the project, to help you understand which project it is all about.
* Events > The add/edit event modal has had a slight facelift, more room is offered for fields that required it, and less room is given to fields that didn't need it.

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