About the platform

Cinode is modern B2B (Business-To-Business) SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform for managing skills and competence. Cinode is both the name of the platform and the name of the company that develops and provide the service.

Our headquarters is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Skills are often drivers and the main good/service that knowledge intensive companies provide. As the world is getting more and more digital and online, decisions and process moving faster and time-to-market is rapidly getting shorter - the need for having a comprehensive mapping of your company's skill is more vital than ever.

Cinode offers a platform that will support difference areas of your business to gain an advantage in an increasingly knowledge intensive arena:


The plan "Skills" allows a company to gather, search and packaged all their skills. Packaging is usually done in the form of a resume.

A common challenge that knowledge intensive companies face is that while they possess a large collective and individual knowledge base, it is seldom structured in a way that can be used for data driven initiatives. This becomes even more apparent in larger companies where employees very rarely which people and skill sets are available outside of their own team.

Cinode Skills will help your company by letting employees effortlessly update their own skills and experience, and they are presented in an attractive way. Engagement and participation increases throughout the company when colleagues’ skills and assignments are made visible.


The plan "Business" is the shared workspace where your deals, deliveries, and skills are connected. Having resource management and skills inventory spread out through various applications and spreadsheet will greatly increase the risk of loosing speed, missing out on leads and opportunities and let's not forget mapping the right person to the right assignment.

Cinode Business will help your company by combining your Skills inventory with a power matching engine and resource management board were all availability are visualized for everyone involved – sales, delivery, and employees.


The plan "Partner" allows you to build alliances and partnerships with companies and freelancers alike. Deliveries have become more and more complex, an example being a shift from traditional goods and service to embedded software in hardware devices, IoT (Internet of Things) and complex skill sets are now required from a variety of fields. Few companies possess all these skill sets and resources in house, and even if they do - chances are those resource are already tied and booked into other projects. To increase the sales and delivery capacity for these complex deliveries, partnerships are often seen as the key driver and for companies to complement each other.

Cinode Partner will help you increase growth with sub-contractors and partners by creating your supply chain of external competencies.

Add-on: Recruit

Whether you are considering recruit talent to your own company or looking to qualify freelancers (subcontractors) for potential partnerships, Cinode offers pipeline management for qualifying people and keeping track of an incoming flow of external talents.

The recruitment process is now clear and transparent, optimizing your operational and strategic growth.


You can connect Cinode with a variety of tools using our API or dedicated integrations.

How can I get started?

Please see our dedicated training section or browse the full Knowledge Base.

Or why not join our interactive training in Cinode Academy!

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