In Administration -> Process in the menu, you can work on conditions for your employees and your projects in Cinode.
To access the feature "Administration", you need the CompanyAdmin permission level, set via Administration. If you need to increase your permission level, contact the person or the group of people at your company that can administer permissions.

If you go to Administration - Process in the menu and the tab:

Profile, you can set rules and targets for the the Profile score.

Help your colleagues complete their profiles according to the specific requirements that your company has. By setting rules and targets for the following sections, profile scores will be calculated for each colleague. The target numbers you specify below indicate how many items of each section the user need to add in order to reach the maximum number of points.

For example, setting a goal of 5 on Skills requires the user to add at least 5 skills to the profile to be considered fully done with that section. If the target goals of all sections are met the user will get the total profile score of 100%.

Tags: Work with your tag administration. Modify, merge och delete tags added to Cinode.

Pipelines: Add new or edit existing pipes for assignments and recruitment. These are then used in filters and the Pipe view, both for assignments and recruitment. The recruitment pipe can also be connected to a digital application form.

Recruitment: Set your Recruitment sources available in Cinode. Recruitment sources can be selected for the possibility to analyze how to attract your talents and which channels that work efficiently.

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