*Project > Role > Matching > Subcontractors > You are offered to announce the role directly to all your pinned subcontractors. Announce modal will open as normal, but with the pinned subcontractors already selected as recipients.

Candidates > Candidate > When converting a candidate (to subcontractor or employee), you are immediately given the chance to update the email, perhaps to the company email instead of private one.

Project > Role > Matching > Partners > For each matching person via Partners tab you can use the dropdown menu and request to book this person explicitly. The normally announce modal will open, with the correct partner preselected as the recipient, and asking for a specific person. Recipients will always be made aware when replying to requests, that a specific person has been requested, but they are free to respond with someone else.

Project > Role > Matching > Partners > Added colorization/tooltip support per row for matching persons, green for definitively booked, blue for preliminary, orange means that they are offered to you in response.

External API > When creating a project, customer, or candidate via the external API, the person who owns the API account making the call, is no longer set as a follower of the created entity.

Project > Role > Announce > The description of the role itself is now used to prepopulate the description text area of the announces role modal.

Projects > When using query filters above projects lists, the search will now look through the Project Internal Id, and the Project Internal Id (customer) when searching, making you able to find projects via your own internal ids in the query filters.

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