Resumes > added button to select/deselct all items in a block at once.
Project > Roles tab, added export button for your current selection.
Partners > Subcontractors > added export button for your current selection. Manager/Responsible filters above lists > If they contain inactive users, these are clearly indicated in the filter

Administration > Consolidated all admin pages into six top level sections instead.
* Company
* General
* Team
* Currencies
* Calendars
* Absence
* Logotypes
* Restricted views
* Users
* Employees
* Former employees
* Images
* Process
* Profile
* Tags
* Pipelines
* Recruitment
* Integrations
* Synced accounts
* Account types
* User provisioning
* Tokens
* Network
* Cinode Partner Network
* Data
* Exports

Spotlight search > Updated with more info per hit and some UX improvements.
App wide > Updated to more "tab" looking design to support the increased need for nested navigations as the product grows.

Adminstration > Users > Employees > Your administration of employees has been visually upgraded to support large amounts of users.
In case company uses TeamAccess restrictions, these are handled on the same page now.

App wide: Dropped support for Internet Explorer 11.

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