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Add your availability as a subcontractor
Add your availability as a subcontractor
Show your availability periods to your partners
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Add your availability as a subcontractor to show partners your availability periods.

Note: If you do not add your availability, you will be indicated not available to your partner.

On your overview page, you have the possibility to add your availability.

You can add a date interval and an extent. It is possible to add more than one availability period, in case your extent changes.

How to add your availability:

1. Go to your Dashboard under Home in the menu

2. Click the '+' sign to add an availability period.

3. Set a start date, end date and percentage availability. Use the arrows in the calendar to change the month and year. In case you are available until further notice, set an end date well into the future.

4. In the description field you can also add a message to your partner company which will be visible on your availability banner.

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