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Add a dream assignment
Add a dream assignment
How to add a dream assignment and why you should fill in your dream assignment to get a high chance to get the dream booked.
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By adding a dream assignment to your profile you will notice your interest in the assignment you are really interested in and get a higher chance to get this assignment booked for you.

When you get a high match for an assignment and also have this assignment as your 'Dream assignment', the administrator will be able to read about your dream assignment when hovering over the number of your matching skills in the matching view. This way the administrator will notify you and you will get a higher chance to get the assignment booked for you.

How do I get a high match?

If the administrator is looking for a consultant in January with the skill/competence 'Java' and with level 3 and you are available in January and have the skill 'Java' with level 3 in your profile you will get a high match.

How to add a dream assignment to your profile:

  1. Go to your dream assignment under Home in the sidebar.

  2. Click on 'add' to create a new

3. Fill in a short description of your dream assignment and click 'Save'

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