Watch our video about how to upload/assign and change primary images to employees;

You can upload files in JPG or PNG format.

We recommend the image size of 200*200 - 600*600 pixels.

To assign images to employees follow the steps;

1. Go to administration -> Users in the sidebar and the tab Images.

2. Click the "+" button next to employee images.

3. Click to drag and drop or select an image to upload.

You can upload files in JPG or PNG format.

The image needs to be cropped to a minimum of 100 X 100 pixels and we recommend the image to be cropped between 200 X 200 - 600 X 600 pixels.

4. Crop the image and click "Save".

5. Assign the image to an employee and choose if you wish to "Use as primary image" and click "Save".

Read more about the images;

In the section Images, you can create a bank of images for each employee. Uploaded images must first be associated with the right consultant. The image will then become available to choose from when you create consultant profiles for the employee.

Images can be uploaded to your company's Cinode license and assigned to your employees. Employees can have several images assigned to them in their image library. A use case can be that you wish to have different images for different resumes.

An employee can also have a primary image. The primary image is the default image that will be selected when creating new resumes. It is also the image that will represent the employee in-app and will be displayed in the upper left corner of the employee's Cinode account.

All users have the option to upload and change images for themselves, but in order to manage the images for other people in the organization, you will need to have Administrator permission levels.

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