Please note that you need to have License Administrator permissions in order to to create teams and add users to the team.

The team is created to manage your organization. There should be at least one team created in Cinode. A team structure can be created on several levels, with the parent team as the superior team.

The team structure is visible through the Organisation function, but important for the Planner view where the forecast is presented, among other things such as utilization rates based on teams. The team is also a possible filter choice in both reports and different list views. Usually, teams are created based on the group a Consultant Manager handles.

An employee can be part of several teams, note that the extent within the team becomes important for calculating utilization.

A team can have one or several Team Managers. A Team Manager has the right to administer content in profiles and create a Resume for their teammates. A Team Manager is not visible in the Planner views for the team only team members. Note that rights to administrate can not be inherited from a higher organizational level, the team managers do need to be added on the lowest level. Managers responsible for several teams need to be added to all teams.

In Administration, the Layers tab, you can create new teams, delete teams, add or remove team members, move people between teams, and change team membership in percent for team members.

How to create a new team

Go to Administration > Team

1. Click on the '+' sign to add a new team

This is an example of how a team structure can look like:

2. Add the information necessary. Name is mandatory and the other field is optional and is used as information. These parameters could be important for integrations.

If creating a team structure with subordinate teams, start with the parent team on the highest level and work downwards. Click Save.

3. Once the team is created, choose to add employees and Team Manager/s.

Click '+' to add members

4. Check the box to add members to the team, click 'save'

In this view, you can also remove team members and move team members to other teams, also change the extend a team member has in a team.

4. Change the name or other details for the team by click 'edit'

How to remove a team or move to another team

Note that when you delete a team, all relations to this team will disappear, such as the relation to the team of an employee in a role which affects the Planner Forcast view. To remove a team containing employees, move these employees to another team before or while making the removal. Click on 'Move to team' and choose which team or you can do it while you delete the team, see picture further down.

Delete the team without moving members by not choosing a team when removing the team. You do not delete the employees by deleting them within the team, just their team identity.

When an employee belongs to a team, you can adjust their team availability. Team availability means efficiency in percent of the employment rate an employee is assumed to work in the team. Click the three-dot icon by the name and Edit availability, adjust from the default setting 100%.

How to remove a team:

  1. Delete a team by going to Administration > Users in the menu and the tab Team.

  2. Choose the team and click on the three dots

3. If you want to move all members you check the box and type in the name of that team.

4. Enter the team's name and click 'OK' to remove

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