Go to Administration > Company in the menu and click the tab General, here it is possible to set up and work with different addresses in Cinode.

There are four types of Addresses:

  1. Other address: Here you got the possibility to add other addresses. This will just be information in this interface.

  2. Street address: Add the street address of your company. This address is normally used as the primary address of your company in your Resume. This address can be modified by you. If you totally want to change your address, contact Cinode Support.

  3. Invoice address: Add your Invoice address as information to Cinode.

  4. Location: Possible to add to your employees. This will help you see the locations of your employees in different views in Cinode where this information is relevant, such as search functions and planner functions.

The other corporate information visible in this feature such as Company name, Corporate identity and VAT registration number can only be changed by Cinode, contact Cinode Support in case this information needs to be updated.

How to add a new Address in Cinode:

  1. Click the +-sign.

2. Select the Adress type (see descriptions above).

Set the street address, postal code, and city. For Location, it is the City that will be visible as location - only this field needs to be filled in. In case a country is the same as a Location, add the country name in this field.

Comments will only be visible in this Administration interface.


3. Edit or remove addresses by the three-dot icon.

Set a location for your employees

  1. Go to Administration > Users and click the tab employees, select your employee and click the three dots and then 'Edit'.

2. Set your location in the Location field, click 'Save'.

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