In the Administration -> Company feature, you work on conditions for your employees in Cinode.
To access the feature, you need the CompanyAdmin authorization level, set via Administration. If you need to increase your authorization level, contact the person or the group of people at your company that can administer authorization.

There are a couple of views in the feature.

If you go to Administration -> Company and the tab;

General to Change company details, and add or remove addresses. For example, you can administer locations used on employee cards and in the matching feature.

Team: Create an organizational structure. You can create a team on several different levels using the Parent team feature.

You can add/remove team managers and add/remove team members. An employee can be a member of several teams which also governs the extent to which an employee is supposed to work in each team. Team availability affects utilization planning in Prognosis.

Currency: Set currencies possible to select in Cinode.

Calendars: Set calendars possible to add to an employee. A calendar sets parameters such as bank holidays, working hours a day and deviations e.g. kick-offs. The calendar is crucial when using Talent Business.

Absence: Add or change the causes for absence that can be used in Cinode. These affect utilization views and are shown on employee cards.

Logotypes: The logotypes is used in the Resumes, but need to be set by Cinode Support. This feature is also used for customers working with other images within their Resume, such as e.g. company logos in projects.

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