Tags are used to categorize Customers, Customer Contacts, Projects, Employees and Sub-contractors.

The tags can be searched using the search-function or used as a filter choice in different list views or reports in Cinode.

In the Tag tab in the Administration function, it is possible to add new or administrate existing tags.

Add a new tag

1) To add a new tag, click the +-button.

2) Select a name for the tag. The tag can be used for all users in Cinode when adding tags to an object.

Merge tags

If you go to Administration -> Process and the tab "Tags" you can merge your tags. Merge two or more tags by selecting tags and then click Merge.

Select the destination of the merge (this will be the name of all the merged tags).


Rename tag

Rename a tag and set a new name of the tag.

Go to the "three-dot icon" and select Rename.

Set the new name and Save


Remove tag

Remove a tag by going to the "three-dot" icon and select Remove.

The tag will be removed from Cinode, both the list of tags and from all objects where the tag was used.

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