Subcontractor groups are used to cluster subcontractors that share important features and/or attributes. Examples of grouping include roles (e.g Project Managers) or geographical location (e.g London) or a combination (e.g Project Managers in the London area).

It is possible to add a user as a Partner Responsible for each group. The user needs to have access to the Partner module.

You are free to choose how you wish to group your subcontractors.

When are subcontractor groups applicable?

Subcontractor groups are used as a filter or selection in various views inside Cinode. Examples include:

  • When announcing roles to subcontractors.

  • The Planner -> Timeline -> Subcontractors (overview of bookings for subcontractors to projects).

  • The Skills Report (this way, you are able to see what skills your subcontractors possess)

  • As part of a role when matching by resources which include subcontractors

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