Subcontractor availability consists of a coherent time period that specifies that the user is available as well as the availability in %. Availability is set manually, either by a Partner Manager or by the subcontractor.

How to edit availability:

1. Go to the subcontractor list and click on a subcontractor

2. From the Overview tab, scroll down to the section "Availability".


3. To add a new time period click the "+" sign. You can also edit existing periods by clicking on them in the timeline.

Below is a screenshot of how you add and edit availability:


1. Use the date picker (Period) and select your start date by clicking on the date.

2. Scroll between months by using the left/right arrows. Click on the year and use the up/down arrow to scroll between years.

3. Enter availability in percent.

4. Comments regarding the time period are optional.

Tip: If the subcontractor has different availability during a coherent time period, please specify several availability intervals.


Availability period 1: Availability is 100 % between 1 of July - 31st of July

Availability period 2: Availability is 50 % between 1st of August - 31st of August

How is subcontractor availability calculated?

A subcontractor's availability for a role is calculated using the indicated availability reduced by the extent of the roles they are currently booked for during the duration of the role.

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