You are able to invite and connect with companies that are not registered in the partner network. Once they have accepted your invite and registered their company to Cinode you are connected with them.

They will now also be able to connect to the partner network in Cinode and be able to invite and also accept invites from other companies.

To invite a company that is not registered to Cinode, follow the steps;

  1. Go to Network-> Partners in the menu and click the green plus icon to add a new partner.

  2. Type the name of the company and a description.

  3. Search and add a Partner Manager from your Company and click "save".

4. Once you have added the Partner, you will find the Partner in the list and can click Invite.

5. Next you will need to type the email address of the receiver and a message.

6. Check the box if you wish to set up and grant trust for the company.

An invite will now be sent to the e-mail address, and the person receiving the e-mail can register in Cinode.

You can invite people and companies regardless if they are already using Cinode.

Once the Partner is connected with you, you will be able to see that in Network > Partners in the menu.

The green link symbol next to connected means you have given trust to your partner.

Network > Partners and the tab Distribution list you can add the company to a Distribution group to enable sending assignment requests to a selected group of Partners.

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