When you have added a subcontractor to the subcontractor it will become possible to work more in detail with this user. This article provides an overview of the general functionality associated with subcontractor management in Cinode.

To get started:

1. Click on any subcontractor in the subcontractor list.

The first tab is "Overview". It will display the following:

1. General information: Displays information such as name, email address (login address), phone number, and tariff. Clicking the more menu will allow you to edit these settings. You can also remove the subcontractor's user from this menu. Before proceeding with the removal, please read this article.

2) Subcontractor tags: Use tags to filter out specific subcontractors in the various list views. Tags are also used in the search (Search -> Tag search in the left side menu).

This means that you will be able to filter out users with that specific tag.

There are no limits to what type of tags can be used.

Note: Tags are not the same as skills. Tags are only visible in-app to help you identify subcontractors internally - for instance by geographical location or industry. A tag search can only be performed in the subcontractor list.

3) Overview: The first tab is "Overview". The overview page is divided into four sections:

- Current events: Create new events or see all events in the near future, such as phone calls, meetings, and notes related to the subcontractor.

Note: Current events filter on upcoming events or past events up to a week old.

- Created resumes: All resumes belonging to this user are displayed here. By clicking on the name of the resume, you are able to preview it. Click the More menu (three dots) to the right of a specific resume to edit and view more options.

- Current roles: This allows you to see which roles your subcontractors are definitely or preliminary booked on.

- Availability: Subcontractor availability consists of a coherent time period that specifies that the user is available as well as the availability in %.

4) Other tabs: "Events", "Roles", "Profile", "Images" and "Attachments & links"

- Events: Lists all events (past, present, and upcoming). You can use filters to select which events to view.

- Roles: Lists all roles (past, present, and upcoming). You can use filters to select which roles to view.

- Profile: Gives you access to the subcontractor's profile which is the basis for creating resumes and search on the user's skills.

- Images: Upload and manage images/photos for your subcontractor.

- Attachments & Links: Upload files or web links such as an agreement or other relevant documents.

What can the subcontractor see and do in Cinode?

To read and understand more about the account of the subcontractor and what the subcontractor is able to do and see in Cinode.

5) Convert a subcontractor to an employee

You can convert your subcontractor to an employee by simply clicking on Convert at the top right of the overview. Once you have converted the subcontractor, you will not find the employee under subcontractors.

You will then need to go to Organisation -> Employees and search for the person.

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