Adding a subcontractor means that you will be able to:

  • Create a profile for your subcontractor

  • Create resumes for your subcontractors branded with your company's templates

  • Add events to the subcontractor meant for internal communication such as meeting notes, tasks and general notes.

How to proceed:

  1. Navigate to the subcontractor's list by clicking the Partner > Subcontractors tab in the left side menu.

  2. Click the '+' button next to subcontractors.

3. Fill in the information and click 'Save'.

Below we will highlight which are the basic fields to fill in. The more content you add, the more you will benefit when managing your subcontractors:

  1. Enter the subcontractor's e-mail address, name and title. The e-mail address will also be used as the user's username when logging in to their Cinode account for adding or updating information.

  2. We also suggest that you enter the subcontractor's tariff per hour (rate) as it can be used to compare the rate that you are willing to offer for a particular assignment with the subcontractor's requested rate. This gives you an insight if it is beneficial to hire a specific subcontractor for an assignment, as the rate is shown in the matching view when the role is about to be added.

  3. Select a temporary password for the subcontractor's Cinode account. This will allow them to log in to Cinode and update their details such as their profile or resumes.

  4. Set the system language. This will define what languages menus and tooltips will be displayed in.

  5. Make sure that 'Create a profile' is toggled green. Also, choose the primary profile language for the subcontractor. The primary profile language is the language which the subcontractor will primarily use to create his or her Cinode profile. If you are primarily creating profiles in English, then English would most likely be the primary profile language.

Note: Cinode will not send out an automatic invitation, thus you will have to manually communicate the login URL (the same as your company's login URL), the username (subcontractor's email as registered in Cinode) and the password that you just set when you created the subcontractor.

If you forgot the password, no worries - the subcontractor can always request a new password for the subcontractor by going to the login URL and selecting the 'Forgot password' link.

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