By promoting your own company, other companies in the Cinode Partner Network will get a better idea of what you do, your areas of expertise and the mutual benefits that a collaboration between your two companies would mean.

You can promote your company by:

  • Adding a company logo

  • Adding a company description of your company (max 4000 characters)

  • Adding a set of key skills which others can filter on to find your areas of expertise (e.g. Change Management)

  • Adding contact persons with contact information

  • Adding one or several locations

  • Adding numbers of employees

How to promote your company:

1. Start by going to Administration -> Network in the sidebar

Note: You will need to be a Company Admin in order to access Administration

2. Next, fill in the information on the Network page. Remember to add relevant key skills in order to make it easier for other companies to find out your areas of expertise.

Also add contact persons that represent your company and will be notified when a new invitation to connect is received.

Note: In order to add a contact person he or she need to be add as an employee of your company and have the permission level Partner Manager.

  • To add the contact person as a user, go to Administration -> User and the tab employees. The information that will be displayed in the Cinode Partner Network is e-mail, name, title and phone number. The contact person will automatically get email notifications when role requests are added to the Cinode Partner network and when getting invites from other companies.

  • To change the permission level, go to Administration -> User and the tab employees. Find the user and click the pen to the far right and add Partner Manager.

3. Finally, go live by toogling the switch "Visible in Cinode Partner Network" as highlighted by 3) in the screenshot above.

Now you are live and ready to connect with other companies!

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