In the menu under network and the tab Subcontractors, you can create and manage your subcontractor network.

When you create a subcontractor in Cinode you automatically create an account for your subcontractor. The subcontractor can fill in their profile with skills and assignments as well as set their availability and answer your sent project requests.

There is much to gain by letting a subcontractor work with their profile! The invitation for the subcontractor is sent via Cinode and the function Send welcome e-mail.

When you view the subcontractor you can see information about what assignments a subcontractor has been booked on, as well as set availability. You can create CVs for the subcontractors.

Subcontractors can be matched via the matching function in 'Roles', under the tab Subcontractors.

The list of assignments for Subcontractors can then be visualized in the Planner - Timeline - Subcontractor view.

Subcontractors can be assigned to a role the exact same way as an employee is.

Subcontractor groups are groups of subcontractors. By subcontractor groups, you will have a good structure of your subcontractors and will have the possibility to filter views by using the Subcontractor group filter.

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