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How do I work with Partners in Cinode?
How do I work with Partners in Cinode?
Short description of how partners in Cinode work and what you can benefit from using the partner module.
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Note! You need to have permission level PartnerManager to get access to the Partner function. Check this article to get help setting the permission.

Partner in Cinode

The Partner function makes your consultant business with partners and sub-consultants easier. Cinode Partner is an efficient tool regardless if you supplement existing deliveries with external skills or run a pure partner business.

Partner enables you to:

👥 Invite your contacts and create your own ecosystems.

📣 Send requests to partners and get responses.

📨 For partner companies, it is now easy to get relevant information about the assignment, such as requirement profiles, attachments, and prices.

🤩 You always have a complete overview of all partner relationships and deals.

🌐 Your networking sales become communicative and clear between you and your partners.

Cinode offers you seamless management of one or more skills pools – regardless if it is your own employees and/or business partners that are a part of the solution you offer your clients.

Cinode Partner Network is a network included in your Cinode account and is free.

Announce Request

To work with announcing requests you need to have a Cinode Business module license.

How do I get emails regarding announced assignments?

Do you want to receive emails with notifications about assignments from other companies in the Cinode partner network?

Then add your contact information to your company partner network side.

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